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Electrical Supplies

AC/DC Inverters, Alarm systems, Automatic circuit breakers, Ballasts, Batteries..

Industrial Supplies

Actuators. Bolts, Casing, Clamps, Couplings, Filters, Fittings, Flanges, Gaskets, Heads…

Safety kit Supplies

Earmuffs, Ear plugs, Emergency kits, First Aid kits,  Fire extinguishers…Fall protection equipment…

What we do for you


Procurement of Equipment

Procurement of equipment, consumables and spare parts for the Oil Industry, Petrochemical, Cement Plants, Iron and Steel Production, OEM, Power Generation, PPE.


Construction of Metal Containers

Customized design and construction of vessels, tanks, metal structures and pipeline systems in carbon and stainless steel in cooperation through selected Manufacturers.


OEM Spare Parts Delivery

Identification, location and purchase of OEM spare parts and delivery where they are needed. 


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About Us

Estbilshed in 1997 we pride ourselves with reliability… Our original area of activity is the identification, location and purchasing of OEM  spare parts and their punctual delivery where they are needed. This is still an important part of our business, but we expanded our scope and now we supply a wide range of products: 

– Air Conditioning equipment and spares – Electrical materials
– Construction equipment and vehicles –  Electric motors 
– Electronic systems and components – Safety equipment
– Hazardous area equipment and lighting – Labs equipment
– Industrial supplies and tools(cables, pumps, valves)
– Food service equipment and spares
– Industrial instrumentation – Vehicle spares
– Pipeline equipment – Refinery equipment


For several years our main market has been Libya, but in more recent times we start to explore other markets like  Egypt, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, and now we are major suppliers for the following companies:

Ahlia Cement Company

Akakus Oil Operation

Arabian Gulf Oil Company

Azzawiya Oil Refining

Brega Petroleum Marketing

General Electric Company

General Company Chemical Industries

Harouge Oil Operations

Libyan Emirates Refining Company

Libyan Iron And Steel Company

Libyan Norwegian Fertiliser Company

Mabruk Oil Operation

Mellitah Oil & Gas Bv

Misurata Free Zone

National Oil Well Drilling & Workover Co.

Omv Exploration And Production Ltd

Ras Lanuf Oil & Gas Processing

Sirte Oil Company

Waha Oil Company

Wintershall Libya

Zamzm Industrial Equipments Supplier

Zueitina Oil Company


Badr Petroleum Company

Beshay Steel Group

Burullus Gas Company

Egyptian LNG

Egyptian Steel Group

El Marakby Steel

El Wastani Petroleum Company

Esh El Mallaha Petroleum Company

Ezz Steel Group

Khalda Petroleum Company

MansouraPetroleum Company

Middle East Oil Refinery

Oasis Petroleum Company

Petrogulf Misr

Pharaonic Petroleum Company

Qarun Petroleum Company

Rashid Petroleum Company

Saint-Gobain Glass Egypt

Nigerian Agip Oil Company

Universal Metal Coating Company

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